Red and White


The start of summer in Australia is my favourite time of the year; when everyone appreciates the sun coming out of the clouds and we take every opportunity to hit the beach. Even though I’m missing it this year, there’s no short supply of sun here in Dubai either, so I feel like my wardrobe is heavily focused on summer clothing. has a great range of summer frocks, shoes and accessories to transition you into summer mode.It’s a great place to snatch an item or two to wear at christmas events this month. With the holiday season coming up, I picked this short sleeved, knee height red dress and white heels to match.

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Moda Waheed fashion show


Last night I attended a fashion show for Moda Waheed who designs evening wear here in Dubai. Despite the brand not truly being my style of evening wear, I quite enjoyed some of his pieces and the experience of the show in general. We were treated to the amazing vocal talent Crystal and a surprise performance by a famous Egyptian signer, who was a guest of the owner and designer. I got to meet Mr. Waheed as well who was really friendly and down to earth and I absolutely had a blast attending his show.

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Travel diaries: Paris


Paris was the last stop of my 6-week trip, which included twelve different cities, and I’m glad I got to end the trip in an incredible place. The first time I visited Paris, I was only there for two days on my way to Lyon to visit family so it was great to be there for much longer this time and truly take in what the city had to offer. I really loved just walking around the different areas surrounded by incredible architecture and cute cafes. And the fact that the weather was absolutely perfect, as it was first week of September and it was just starting to cool down, just made it that much better.

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Outfit Post: white on white


The past few seasons we’ve been seeing a lot of the white-on-white trend and it’s a great way to steer away from the comfort of wearing black. I don’t usually purchase white pants or skirts – because hips – but I tried this white Oasis skirt in London and it didn’t look as bad as I thought it would. Remember to always try and experiment with different styles and colours but ultimately stick to what suits your body type and skin complexion regardless of current trends.

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Travel Diaries: Zurich


Zurich’s breath-taking landscapes and medieval architecture left a lasting impression and was definitely one of my trip’s highlights. This German-speaking part of Switzerland has a lot to offer and the two days I was there was definitely not enough to experience all Zurich had to offer. That said, I’m glad I got a taste of this amazing (and expensive!) city.

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Boohoo part 2


In the previous post I shared a #TBT style post for Boohoo recreating a look by using Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the city as an inspiration. In the first post it focused on her fun-loving and experimental side as for this second part I’m focusing on her more classic iconic fashion moments. Patricia Field is a genius for making the character seamlessly pull off so many different styles and even making the fashion in the show its own character.

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